Leaving the ladder, one may fall upwards!

Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

Spurlock Services was established on February 14, 1992. The company provides service and support of laboratory instrumentation and automation, primarily focused on Finnigan & Hewlett-Packard Mass Spectrometers. The company also supports Best UPS & Novell interfacing as well. The primary objective of the company is to provide an alternative to the overhead intensive service organizations within major corporations. The company maintains a set level of service contracts and outperforms competitors by remaining focused on thoroughly meeting all the needs of a few select customers. It’s founder, Gary Spurlock, has over 15 yrs. of laboratory service experience and conceived the company as a response to what he perceived as a trend of declining quality and excess profiteering throughout the service industry.

By the end of it’s first full year of operation, Spurlock Services had established a diversified contract customer base that includes the Federal/State Government, Fortune 500 companies, and selected environmental labs. Spurlock Services also provides parts and billable service at reasonable rates for non-contract customers on an as needed basis.