And if California slides into the ocean Like the mystics and statistics say it will, I predict this motel will be standing until I pay my bill.

Warren Zevon, Desperadoes Under the Eaves

AMOMS serves as the repair shop for Spurlock Services and provides exchange parts repair support for SS vendors and customers. The 1300 sq. ft. facility also handles shipping and receiving and is supported by a Novell Network and BEST UPS power protection.

Repair quotes and exchange parts availability and pricing for Finnigan & Hewlett-Packard GC/MS systems can be obtained by contacting Spurlock Services @ (770) 917-1732 or addressing e-mail to

AMOMS plays a key role in the overall strategy and success of Spurlock Services. It is both the history and the future of th company, containing not only supporting instrumentation, but many historical documents marking the milestones and growth of the company. Currently undergoing extensive renovation, future plans for this facility call for expansion of exchange/repair parts function, specialized training for selected vendors and customers, fabrication of hybrid GC/MS systems, a remote diagnostic center for GC/MS users, selective analysis of non-envioromental samples and actual tours and demonstrations of functional GC/MS systems.